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Greetings, LadyBugs and Gentle Mice! I am your nemesis, Kitten K Boodles. My friends (feline and human) call me Boo for short. I pass the day sleeping (shedding) onDaddy's pillow and the night stalking unsuspecting synthetic vermin. This busy schedule (which resembles that of a congressman) leaves me little time to write a dynamic and riveting web page. But, it's a start! Just about every day I add new pearls of wisdom and more cool pictures. (Of me of course!)

Check out my growing "Training Your Human" page for great tips. Oh, but...don't let your Human see them! If you are a Ferocious FeLion, (you know who you are...) Check out the Ferocious FeLion Club / Support group. If you need help shredding that sofa, this is where you turn to.

You might see links to Boo's Back YardBash and the Halloween Haunted House (back by popular demand!) still around, come join the fun! Food, Drink, Surprizes, and step by step instuctions on how to dance the Macarena are just some of the fun things to do.

Have fun browsing, and meow-mail me if you have any Tips to add to the now fa-mouse "Training Your Human" page.

Come see Boo's Midi collection! New Additions!

Boo's Midi Collection

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Thought For The Day:
- I think I need to sleep on it -
Advice For The Day:
- A Pounce in the paw is worth two in the can -

Paws For Thought....

CandleThese are my special Rainbow Angel Friends.Candle
No More Cruelty
No More Cruelty - ASPCA

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Boo had one of the very first portraits done by Jess, who is an amazing artist.

Visit her site and enter your photo for a chance to own a one of a kind portrait!

Pastel Boo
Thank You Jess!


Winking Cat

Do you have your claws?

We Can Help! Join the Ferocious FeLions!

Ferocious FeLions

"Those With Claws Protect Those Without!"

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Thanks for stopping by The Lioness' Den, and if you're a mouse, bird, or small fish, feel free to write to me! I'd love to have you for lunch sometime! (heh heh) Regards, Kitty Boodles

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To get the full range of Boo's personality, you need to read this in a high pitched squeaky voice, and plug in any type of profanity you wish, since most of the time she looks like she may be cursing you out.

Disclaimer ~ All Thoughts and Advice are sole property of Kitten K. Boodles (in care of her mom.) Opinions are that of Kitten K. Boodles herself and are for entertainment purposes only. Kitty Boodles does not really condone the riddance of D*GS and other Species Challenged Mammals. KKB 1997 - current

Some music provided by The Midi Farm

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Since 1-12-97 I have destroyed this many Catnip Mice:

New Counter started Aug 2008, previous count was 218,687,496!

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