The Groundhog is missing!

After his apperance to the world, the furry guy has come up missing! What could have happened to him?   I have been searching his little apartment, and I have come up with a few clues. What can you make of them?

Your job, Agents, is to find out what happened to the Groundhog,  and you must support your answer using the clues provided.

What happened?  Was there a break in? Perhaps someone kidnapped the little guy? What should we do? The Officer in Charges' first thought is a Break In! All the signs point to that...the unlocked window, the rope on the floor, looks like a struggle with the chair on the floor and maybe he was hurt! The dark stain! Oh no!
The crime scene is secure, no intruders, and finger prints have been taken.

Of course, the FBI was called in to take over the case, as the Groundhog is very important!  We must be sure to follow all clues and figure out how the kidnappers took him, and what they want in return!

Your jobs, Agents, is to follow evidence and figure out what happened to the little guy!  We need to find him fast!  Your field reports MUST include your statements of what happened to the Groundhog, and must support all the evidence clues provided!  Go to it, Agents! The little guy might be hurt and may need our help! We are waiting for a ransom demand, the kidnappers might be calling soon and we will find them!

Go Agents!  Find the Groundhog!

Here are your clues:

  1. The Groundhog's little bed was made up neatly.
  2. There was a notepad by the telephone with some faint scratchings on it.
  3. The chair for the desk was overturned!
  4. There are some small peices of paper in the waste basket.
  5. The closet door was open slightly
  6. There were some missing things out of the closet.
  7. A small strand of rope was found on the floor
  8. A few dresser drawers were left ajar
  9. Dark stain found on floor
  10. Window is unlocked!

If you figured out what happened to the groundhog, are a fanstic Agent!

KKB 1999