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Princess Boo

FBI CardFBI Card

Boo is also a member of the FBI

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Boo's Best Teacher AwardBoo's Master of Feline AwardMaster Gremlin Hunter

Boo was part owner and High Princess of CLAW. I taught many classes and was head of the CLAW University. Boo's co-teacher was my friend Willy Elmo who I miss terribly. We also won the prestigious award for Best Overall Teachers!

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CLAW was taken over by Tissy, who has FLAT OUT REFUSED to share CLAW anymore, in fact, making it a private site and locking most of it's original members out. Boo's Human Mother was a LEGAL part-owner with Queen Midnight, with legal contracts. Tissy has refused to give back any of the site to either of us, the original founders of CLAW. Nor has Tissy returned any of Boo's original work, art or text, or returned any of it's original members with any of heir hard work, art, and text.

Even though there are legal documents showing ownership to both Boo and Queen Midnight and her human,Tissy's human has also refused to refund money to the original part owners of CLAW. Basically, she told us to scratch ourselves and go away. Therefore, Boo has NOTHING to do with CLAW anymore. There is nothing we can do legally, except to not support CLAW or Tissy any longer.

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Lady Shel's Cyber Kitty Adoption Center

I have adopted a Cyber Kitty, and her name is Buttercup. Buttercup was my first cat, and she passed away after living 18 long happy years.
Would you like to adopt a Cyber Kitty? Please visit Lady Shel's Cyber Kitty Adoption Center

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How About A Song?

*You must sing in a high squeaky voice to get the personality of Kitty Boo.

*Sing to the tune of The National Anthem

Kitty Boo's National Anthem

Oh say can you see all the scurrying mice?
Do I dare to get up, or just do some more sleeping?
Whose bright fangs and sharp claws bring a swift mouse demise?
Eighteen hours spent in sleep and
the rest just spent eating.
And I'll shed all my hair,
on my owners new chair
as I prove day and night
that I really don't care!
Oh say does this cat-it-tude bother you hey?
Well I won't lose any
I'll just turn & strut away.

©Francis Skey Kat

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Please Spay or Neuter Your Pet - Their Lives May Depend On It

The Humane Society
Myths and Facts about Spaying and Neutering

MYTH: My pet will get fat and lazy.

FACT: The truth is that most pets get fat and lazy because their owners feed them too much and don't give them enough exercise.

MYTH: It's better to have one litter first.

FACT: Medical evidence indicates just the opposite. In fact, the evidence shows that females spayed before their first heat are typically healthier. Many veterinarians now sterilize dogs and cats as young as eight weeks of age. Check with your veterinarian about the appropriate time for these procedures.

MYTH: My children should experience the miracle of birth.

FACT: Even if children are able to see a pet give birth—which is unlikely, since it usually occurs at night and in seclusion—the lesson they will really learn is that animals can be created and discarded as it suits adults. Instead, it should be explained to children that the real miracle is life and that preventing the birth of some pets can save the lives of others.

MYTH: But my pet is a purebred.

FACT: So is at least one out of every four pets brought to animal shelters around the country. There are just too many dogs and cats—mixed breed and purebred.

MYTH: I want my dog to be protective.

FACT: Spaying or neutering does not affect a dog's natural instinct to protect home and family. A dog's personality is formed more by genetics and environment than by sex hormones.

MYTH: I don't want my male dog or cat to feel like less of a male.

FACT: Pets don't have any concept of sexual identity or ego. Neutering will not change a pet's basic personality. He doesn't suffer any kind of emotional reaction or identity crisis when neutered.

MYTH: But my dog (or cat) is so special, I want a puppy (or kitten) just like her.

FACT: A dog or cat may be a great pet, but that doesn't mean her offspring will be a carbon copy. Professional animal breeders who follow generations of bloodlines can't guarantee they will get just what they want out of a particular litter. A pet owner's chances are even slimmer. In fact, an entire litter of puppies or kittens might receive all of a pet's (and her mate's) worst characteristics.

MYTH: It's too expensive to have my pet spayed or neutered.

FACT: The cost of spaying or neutering depends on the sex, size, and age of the pet, your veterinarian's fees, and a number of other variables. But whatever the actual price, spay or neuter surgery is a one-time cost—a relatively small cost when compared to all the benefits. It's a bargain compared to the cost of having a litter and ensuring the health of the mother and litter; two months of pregnancy and another two months until the litter is weaned can add up to significant veterinary bills and food costs if complications develop. Most importantly, it's a very small price to pay for the health of your pet and the prevention of the births of more unwanted pets.

MYTH: I'll find good homes for all the puppies and kittens.

FACT: You may find homes for all of your pet's litter. But each home you find means one less home for the dogs and cats in shelters who need good homes. Also, in less than one year's time, each of your pet's offspring may have his or her own litter, adding even more animals to the population. The problem of pet overpopulation is created and perpetuated one litter at a time.

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The Back Fence Cat Club

The Back Fence Cat Club

This is my friend Sassy! Tee HEE! We always go cruising for food at night!

birds on a wire
The boo@kittyboodles.com
Winking Cat

Do you have your claws?

We Can Help! Join the Ferocious FeLions!

Ferocious FeLions

"Those With Claws Protect Those Without!"

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